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Brussels, October 9 (paper ring) news, the recent impatient notice on raising the price of pulp has been reflected in the price index of the Finnish index compilation agency Foex. The benchmark price of northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) increased from US $451.13 per ton last week to US $458.89 per ton, an increase of US $7.76 per ton, and bleached hardwood kraft pulp (BHK) increased from EUR 443.73 per ton last week to EUR 452.98 per ton, an increase of EUR 9.25 per ton

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price per ton October 9 October 2

pulp: NBSK (USD) 458.89 451.13

bhk (Euro) 452.98 443.73

bhk (USD) 415.48 407.11

suitable for tensile tests of metal materials and composites

paper: paper (Euro) 612.86 612.66

lightweight coated paper (Euro) 820.06 819.7 thank you for introducing our experimental machine.Customers are also friends 9

coated with sermon paper (reel, Euro) 850.76 851.62

a4b copy paper 985.21 985.87

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