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Xinyi Glass: innovation adds points to substantial profit growth

Xinyi Glass is one of the major manufacturers in the global glass industry chain, and its products and solutions cover high-quality float glass, automotive glass, engineering glass, electronic glass and other fields. In 2013, Xinyi Glass achieved remarkable performance and won many honors. Xinyi Glass successfully completed the Xinyi solar energy spin off and listing plan, achieving an annual operating revenue of HK $11.78 billion and a net profit of HK $3.52 billion in 2013. In 2013, Xinyi Glass was selected as one of the Fortune 500 enterprises in China, and was listed in the 2013 brand value list of metallurgy and building materials industry jointly organized by CCTV, China brand promotion association and China Council for the promotion of international trade, and won the 2013 "Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award" to troubleshoot windows problems for you. It can be said that in 2013, Xinyi Glass achieved a leap forward in industrial upgrading, technological innovation and management innovation

master high-end glass technology

Xinyi Glass follows the development of the times, masters high-end glass technology, and focuses on the production of high-performance energy-saving and environmental friendly glass products. Xinyi Glass focuses on the development of high-end glass market, and has developed a fifth industry - ultra-thin electronic glass on the basis of the existing four glass industries, which further improves the company's industrial integration ability and product competitiveness, and realizes the strategic transformation and sustainable development of the enterprise. In 2013, Xinyi ultra-thin electronic glass production line continuously realized the aircraft body of 0.7mm, 0.55mm and 0.45mm ultra-thin electronic glass. From the design, Jinan is the earliest and best experimental machine production. China made all the calculations, experiments and manufacturing! The introduction was successful and commercialized production was realized. After testing, the product quality has passed the class a qualification certification of gb/t thin float glass for liquid crystal display. This marks that the thickness difference, micro waviness, surface defects and other core process and technical indicators of Xinyi ultra-thin electronic glass have reached the world advanced level. At the same time, Xinyi Glass implements major environmental protection projects such as oil to gas and waste heat power generation. So far, Xinyi Glass will make a leap from bigger to stronger on the basis of completing the industrial regional layout. In just a few years of tedious classification of material testing machines, Xinyi Glass achieved rapid, stable and healthy development, and gradually embarked on the reform of modern manufacturing enterprises

overall planning and optimization of enterprise management

Xinyi Glass has set up modern production bases in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Wuhu, Tianjin, Yingkou, Deyang and other places. With the continuous development and growth of enterprises, how to overall plan and optimize enterprise management is particularly important. Based on the original management, Xinyi Glass realizes the optimization of enterprise management mode and process control

in 2013, the ERP management team of the company boldly explored and innovated, and developed a series of ERP system resources suitable for the management mode of Xinyi Glass. The developed ERP system has unique computer architecture, fully automatic implementation of quality design, real-time material tracking, multi-layer planning system to optimize resource allocation, capacity verification to maximize the capacity of bottleneck processes and other innovative highlights. On this basis, the company implements the overall implementation plan of ERP system, comprehensively constructs and promotes ERP system, effectively manages the whole production, finance, HR, sales, supply chain and other links, and provides a management platform for decision-making and operation means for enterprise decision-makers and employees

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