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Xinsong transferred to service robot to conquer the robot that can speak "dialect"

the large empty workshop. The cute robot Xiaobai came to greet the guests with a plate of candy. The red robot arm and mobile industrial robot waved, but their mechanical performance was not as good as thermosetting plastic. Waving their arms, they waved to everyone. In the production workshop of Shenyang Xinsong robot, the robot waiting for field inspection opened the eyes of the green company's visiting group. It is reported that Xiaobai is a meal delivery robot, which has been listed for public display places and family services. It is popular in fast food restaurants, KTVs, cafes and other catering enterprises

in the future, Xinsong will gradually shift its R & D center from the field of industrial robots to service robots. This company, which mainly produces industrial robots, will develop in a more intelligent and humanized direction

robots made in Shenyang are exported to the United States and Canada

at present, the most powerful technology of Xinsong is in the field of mobile robots, especially in automobile manufacturing. Its products have been exported to the United States, Canada and other developed countries. Large robots for automobile manufacturing produced by Shenyang Xinsong company have been stationed in the American Automobile City of Detroit. According to the on-site staff, the sales of industrial robots have increased by more than 45% in another breakthrough innovation in the past five years. In the future, the Chinese market will be in an industry explosion period

in the fourth workshop, we saw more than 20 intelligent mobile robots as long as forklifts moving freely on the ground. A batch of robots carrying out automated logistics are specially customized for Shenyang Brilliance BMW workshop. Staff introduction: in the past, mobile robots needed to run on the track. Now each robot has a laser transposition on its head. Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of China chemical and physical power industry association, said that it was rotating at high speed. There are reflective sensors at high places around the site. With this device, the intelligent mobile robot can define its position. In this way, even if there is no track on the ground, the mobile robot knows how to walk and do, and the accuracy of positioning can be accurate to millimeters

robots in the future may speak dialect

the life service robots of Shenyang Xinsong robot include entertainment and explanation robots, ordering robots and medical escort robots. Although the medical escort robot has been applied to domestic nursing homes, which can realize emergency help when the elderly are in danger, Xinsong robot technicians said that at present, it is only in the lead in China, and there is still a gap compared with developed countries that have done well in accelerating the improvement of the new material industry system

the next step of Panasonic is to gradually change from the production of industrial robots to the production of life service robots. Try to make robots look more human and emotional. Can the research and development of the next generation of medical robots really make Dabai born in Shenyang? According to the staff of Xinsong company, Dabai's high emotion may exceed the current robot's technical ability, and the rest can be achieved soon. The technology that needs to be overcome is how to make the robot standing on two legs have a stable sense of balance and limbs similar to human size

according to the current robot manufacturing level in Shenyang, service robots can already control voice, but at present, they only understand Mandarin and English, and their recognition of dialects is very low. If Mandarin is not too standard, it is OK, but if the accent is too heavy, the robot will certainly not understand it

the next step is to add a speech recognition chip, so that the robot can understand and even speak dialect, serving the elderly group whose Mandarin is not very good

entrepreneurs of the green company annual meeting visit and inspect Xinsong robot, and two robots will be the reception

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