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Xinxiang Chemical fiber will increase the production capacity of spandex by 600million

based on the judgment that a new boom cycle of the spandex industry is gradually coming, Xinxiang Chemical fiber today put forward its fixed increase plan to expand the production capacity of spandex. Xinxiang Chemical fiber, a sample prepared by various methods, announced today that the company plans to privately issue no more than 200million shares at a price of no less than 2.63 yuan/share, and the total amount of funds raised is no more than 600million yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, it will be used for the rapid development of gas turbine technology and its combined cycle in × The first phase of the 20000 ton ultra soft spandex fiber project has a total investment of 900million yuan and a construction period of 18 months. According to the company's calculation, after the completion of the project, the annual average new income is 758million yuan, and the annual average new gross profit is 169million yuan

the project of Xinxiang Chemical fiber with the raised funds is 2% a year × The phase I construction project of 20000 ton ultra soft spandex fiber adopts the fourth generation continuous polymerization dry spinning process, which can produce multifunctional and differentiated spandex fiber by adding different additives. The products are ultra-fine, fine and medium denier products, which can be widely used in the field of high-end clothing fabrics. The project will be implemented by the parent company of Xinxiang Chemical fiber. After the completion of the project, the annual output of 20000 tons of ultra soft differential spandex fiber can be achieved. The main products include 20d, 30d, 40d shiny or translucent silk, shiny or matt silk. The new production capacity adopts the fourth generation spandex fiber production technology, and the energy-saving effect is about 35% higher than that of the third generation technology, which uses plastic raw materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride to replace the usual resin adhesives

the company said that the super soft spandex fiber to be produced in this project is mainly used in the field of high-end clothing fabrics. On the basis of maintaining the elasticity of spandex fiber, it improves the comfort and softness of spandex fiber, which is in line with the trend of clothing consumption upgrading

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