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Xinsong sponsored the China Russia Engineering University Union undergraduate robot innovation competition

otherwise, dust and particles will affect the friction force; On the occasion of Russian Prime Minister Putin's visit to China, in order to strengthen the scientific and cultural exchanges between college students of the two countries, improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of college students, implement the contents of the agreement of the Sino Russian Engineering University Alliance, and enhance the friendship between the member institutions of the Sino Russian Engineering University Alliance, it is exclusively sponsored by Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd, Harbin Institute of technology and Bauman National University of technology in Moscow jointly hosted the China Russia Engineering University Alliance undergraduate robot innovation competition and exhibition activities from October 12 to October 16, 2011. This is also the first time that China and Russia have held the undergraduate robot innovation competition. However, the Ministry of education and Heilongjiang Provincial Department of education have paid great attention to the fact that there is a kind of equipment ring stiffness experimental machine for cement pipes, which is mainly used to detect other mechanical properties. Xu Fang, President of the Central Research Institute of Xinsong company, attended the event, delivered a passionate speech on behalf of Xinsong company, and wished the conference a complete success. He hoped that in the future, the scale of each competition would continue to expand, the projects would continue to improve, and the influence would continue to strengthen, gradually becoming a bridge and link for high-tech exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia

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it is reported that the competition received positive responses from Chinese and Russian universities, and attracted seven famous engineering universities in Russia, including Bowman Moscow State University of technology, St. Petersburg State University of technology, Samara University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Ural Federal University, and Hal. The main reasons are that the oil viscosity is too high or the oil is too dirty. Binhai University of technology, Northwest University of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology A total of nearly 100 people from nine Chinese member universities, including Beijing University of technology, participated, which was large-scale and had a wide range of influence. The competition consists of two parts: competition and performance display. The competition items include: track and field events (long-distance running, obstacle running), ball games (penalty, 3v3 football) and dance (solo dance, multiplayer dance). After a six-day race, the competition was a complete success in the brilliant robot competition of all participants. According to the evaluation results of the competition expert evaluation committee, the winners will be awarded medals and certificates. The holding of this competition will make due contributions to further strengthening the friendship between young college students in China and Russia and promoting the comprehensive cooperation between colleges and universities

as a leading enterprise in the national robot industry, Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. has long paid close attention to and supported the scientific research activities of colleges and universities represented by the robot competition for college students. So far, robot automation equipment teaching laboratories have been set up for many colleges, universities and research institutes in China. The company regularly arranges members of the robot research and development interest group of colleges and universities to visit the research and development environment, feel the research and development atmosphere, and ask questions and interact with scientific researchers. It also provides internship opportunities for excellent college students to participate in the research and development of innovative products of the company. Through this sponsorship, Xinsong hopes to further tap the elites in the robot field and create a platform for robot science and technology talents in school to transform their hobbies into dreams. At the same time, we should give full play to and make full use of colleges and universities, which are full of vitality, to breed and cultivate the lush seeds of the robot industry

Xinsong has always believed that development comes from innovation and innovation comes from interest. Creating a good research and development environment for colleges and universities will play an important role in promoting the future development of China's robot industry

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