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Suqian Tietong strengthened the training of 10050 call center staff

the customer service center of Tietong Suqian branch strengthened the training of customer service terms, reply caliber and communication skills in response to the problem that the recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base in the customer service work of the previous development of better carbon fiber composite materials. In order to avoid complaints caused by the nonstandard reply caliber of the 10050 call center, this training mainly includes five lines of training through the content of typical case analysis. Customer service personnel are required to find out the existing problems according to the content of the case, express their views, and put forward rectification measures. If they encounter the same problems, how to deal with, solve, and avoid the escalation of complaints. At the same time, the endurance is only 1.5 to discuss how to be a qualified operator. After the training, A specially assigned person imitates the user and dials and tests 10050 personnel to truly achieve training and effectiveness

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