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Surprise City Council takes police drones as the target, and regularly raises the interest rate of public utilities on December 18

surprise City Council takes police drones as the target, and regularly raises the interest rate of public utilities on December 18

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city leaders will consider taking various measures next week, including using aerial drones for public safety and allocating grant funds, Use utility rates and intergovernmental transit service agreements

these speeches and potential action items appeared on the agenda and were announced by municipal officials at the surprise City Council regular meeting held at 16000 n. Civic Center Plaza, the council chamber of the city hall, on Tuesday, June 18, at 6 p.m. this morning

surprise police officials will provide discussion information about the proposed use of drone systems or drones to help solve traffic accidents and crime scene reconstruction, major accidents, special events, safety and search and rescue operations

the purchase of UAV equipment - a remote battery powered UAV with photos and videos, live broadcast and forward-looking infrared night vision functions - will be funded through the Department's existing asset forfeiture fund

Seth Dyson, director of human services and community vitality, will outline the proposal for employees to disperse $10000 through the neighborhood funding program in the fiscal year

the plan was approved as a pilot plan in 2016, providing subsidy opportunities for applicants seeking to hold community activities and change it into a semi-rigid dashboard skeleton and air duct material project

a total of 72 applications for functional differentiation were received this year, totaling $40476. The staff recommended that $10000 be approved, of which four applications were separated, including:

traditional parks are suitable for community playgrounds

Marley park has transformed the veteran Memorial Plaza

wham is the regeneration Art Festival in the ruins of primitive towns

and Sarah completed the pilot acceptance of methanol vehicles in Jinzhong and other nine cities. Ann ranch installed permanent corn orifice plates

the city council will also consider adjusting the cost of water, wastewater and solid waste through the announcement of intention to determine the rate for the next five-year cycle

approval of this measure will trigger a public hearing on the proposed increase, which will be held in February 2019

finally, the members of the Council will consider approving an intergovernmental agreement with the valley Metro regional transportation authority on the city's transit services in fiscal 2019, including bus rapid transit services, regional services under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the provision of senior shuttle buses and on-demand transit services for surprise residents

this presentation will detail how the adoption of this policy will enable the city to use federal funds to save more than $500000 in transportation services in fiscal year 19

there is no working meeting of the Council next week; However, there will be a special meeting on Thursday, December 20, at 4 p.m. in the city council meeting room of the city hall to interview 9 applicants to fill the vacant 5 to check whether the governor destroys the seat of the District Council

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