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Shortly after the Spring Festival, the Secretariat of Jiangsu Valve Association investigated some member enterprises in Suzhou, including Suzhou Stade valve, Suzhou Shuangjin, Suzhou Dongwu forging and welding, including seven member enterprises, including Suzhou Stade valve, Suzhou Shuangjin industry, Suzhou Stade mechanical automatic control, Suzhou Dongwu forging, Suzhou Dean weijer inspection and consulting services, Suzhou aocun valve, and Rick valve Suzhou company,

Jiangsu Valve Association investigated Suzhou Stade valve, Suzhou Shuangjin, Suzhou Dongwu forging and welding and other member enterprises

shortly after the Spring Festival, the Secretariat of Jiangsu Valve Association investigated some member enterprises in Suzhou, mainly including Suzhou Stade valve, Suzhou Shuangjin industry, Suzhou Stade mechanical automatic control, Suzhou Dongwu forging, Suzhou Dean weijer inspection and consulting services, Suzhou aocun valve, Rick valve Suzhou company and other seven member enterprises, Mainly understand the development trend and operation of Suzhou Valve Industry after the Spring Festival, as well as the related problems encountered by valve production and marketing and enterprises. They also visited their production workshops, metal processing, assembly and debugging, and communicated with the main leaders of these enterprises. It was found that the current CES industry of the valve industry showed a trend of recovery in the spring, and the production capacity of lithium battery related materials gradually transferred to China. At the same time, the technology of domestic leading enterprises continued to improve. There were many orders, many consultations and inquiries, and a new atmosphere of busy production after the start of construction. The production of enterprises was busy after the start of the Spring Festival, Working overtime is a good sign. It marks that the valve industry has generally shown a good trend of recovery and steady growth after the growth rate narrowed in the previous two years

the following is a record of the current situation of the enterprise learned by Jiangsu Valve Association after its recent visit to the enterprise, analyze the development of the industry, and make a brief summary and introduction to the industry:

Suzhou sidade Valve Co., Ltd., which started from parts and components and has been expanding.

in the afternoon of February 16, deputy secretary general Sheng Genlin investigated and investigated No. 2 Changsheng Road, Shengpu Industrial Zone, Suzhou Industrial Park: mainly ball valves Chairman Chen Haomin of sidade Valve Co., Ltd. in Suzhou Industrial Park, where quality is the first, said: in the past two years, the company has developed steadily, focusing on good management, and has made reasonable internal adjustment and integration. The original old factory focuses on processing. The new factory built last year focused on assembly and testing, and the foreign trade performance of ball valves last year was basically the same as that of the previous year. Mr. Chen revealed that this year's performance will be better than previous years, especially recently, he has undertaken many foreign trade orders. Mr. Chen accompanied me to visit their production workshop and found that their workshop was busy. The machining center and CNC machine tools were constantly running. In the workshop, stainless steel ball valves with neat arrangement and beautiful appearance embodied the superior quality of Stade ball valves. For more than 10 years, they have worked hard on ball valve products, continuously improved the internal quality and appearance quality, continuously improved the process, and made good product quality with the spirit of craftsman, Focusing on the strict requirements of foreign trade, we should be precise and professional, and our products can stand the test, with exquisite products and high quality. They have formed a one-stop production system of processing, assembly, testing and shipping, which ensures the good quality of products, so that the company is developing year by year in recent years, and also brings the stable development of the enterprise

comments: stard valve originally started from processing parts, focusing on valve and ball valve parts in foreign trade, and has been doing fine and professional work in products. It has not only mastered more details of product technology and process, but also developed into a whole machine product in a single part until it is natural. It has continuously improved the quality of each product, made great efforts in purchasing castings, and mainly selected excellent castings, which is the main feature of foreign trade, Good castings have a high yield, and also inject quality assurance into their products. Although the castings are superior and the purchase price is high, the valve products will not affect the foreign trade reputation due to the quality of castings. Secondly, in terms of processing, we should strictly control the process, every way and every piece, so as to ensure the quality assurance of the products produced, and meet the quality requirements of foreign investors, so it is also a key to win

the picture shows a corner of the production workshop of Suzhou Industrial Park sidade Valve Co., Ltd.

the picture shows a corner of the production workshop of Suzhou Industrial Park sidade Valve Co., Ltd ♂

Suzhou Stade machinery Automatic Control Co., Ltd., which has grown up since childhood and adhered to professional boiler wheel boxes, also investigated Suzhou Industrial Park Stade machinery Automatic Control Co., Ltd., No. 16, Xiangpu Road, Shengpu Industrial Zone, Suzhou Industrial Park. The company, like General Manager Zhang Wei or Wang Mengmeng, received guests

when I came to the company, my production and operation were even busier, General manager Zhang Wei said: "As soon as we started the Spring Festival, we were busy in production and operation. This year's orders have been received in May, and the production is at full load. The company has just issued a batch of foreign trade order goods, mainly global orders for the purchase of Weilan valves. At present, the company has established a close partnership with Weilan, Kerui and other valve giants, and delivered supporting goods; they focus on boiler wheel box products, do fine and specialized products, and organize production with high standards and strict requirements Production, not only improve the quality, but also good user evaluation at home and abroad. "

Stade mechanical automatic control company is a new professional company that started from scratch and mainly focuses on valve accessories. Relying on the boiler wheel box that specializes in the production of ball valves as the main automatic control equipment, it has made great efforts in the refinement and excellence of its products, done a good job in quality and good service in good faith, so it has won a good reputation and laid a good foundation for the development of the enterprise, especially in the refinement and specialization of a product and aimed at the development of a product, Do a series of articles. The enterprise has achieved good and steady development in more than 10 years. The enterprise not only buys land to build its own plant, is equipped with complete processing equipment, and produces products made by itself, but also its production and operation are rising year by year, expanding the market

comments: from the conversation with general manager Zhang Wei, he is more confident in development. He believes that if the industry can hold its ground in recent years and develop steadily with its own physical industry, the enterprise will have a development future. In recent years, it has not been dominated by entities, blindly invested in development or paid no attention to the physical industry, resulting in difficulties. After periodic adjustment, the industry is expected to have a new climax in the past two years; However, some enterprises cannot stand the test or break their funds, and finally fall into a state of difficulty in self appropriation. Some go bankrupt or have difficulties in operation. If the products are single or the quality cannot meet the requirements, they will lose their vitality. As long as we adhere to one product, we should not strive for large and comprehensive products, but for refinement and refinement. The enterprise will develop steadily. Once the market stabilizes, it will embark on a new development journey

the picture shows a corner of the production workshop of Suzhou Industrial Park Stade Valve Co., Ltd.

the picture shows the product inspection facilities of Suzhou Industrial Park Stade mechanical automatic control Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Dongwu forging and welding plant Co., Ltd., which takes quality first and continues to grow in size

on the morning of February 21, Sheng Genlin, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Valve Association, and others investigated Suzhou Dongwu forging and welding plant Co., Ltd. located in Xukou Town, Suzhou, This company is a well-known group company in the industry, mainly forging parts, supplemented by metal processing, heat treatment, etc. from 1993, the first 400 kg air hammer, the company achieved a breakthrough of zero foreign trade in 2002. After more than 20 years of entrepreneurship, it has developed into a diversified enterprise consortium with four companies, including Qianglong and Tianlong, with a total sales volume of 1 billion yuan. With the business philosophy of the enterprise and years of experience in the industry, we have established a complete set of customer service quality assurance system based on the concepts of quality first, reputation first and honest service, and let it run through the pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services of the company's products. While fully ensuring the interests of customers, we have also brought the products of "Soochow forging" enterprises to all parts of the world

Gao Jian, the vice president of the company, introduced us: Soochow group was formed by reinvesting Jiangsu Tianlong casting and Forging Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Qianglong Co., Ltd. with Suzhou Soochow forging and Welding Factory Co., Ltd. as its origin. The total assets of the company have reached nearly 500million from 500000 at the beginning. It has the production capacity of alloy steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel and duplex stainless steel ingots ranging from 0.35 tons to 25 tons, as well as forgings ranging from 1 kg to 30 tons. Its maximum diameter can reach 4 meters, with tens of thousands of products, and the quality has reached the advanced level at home and abroad. At present, the company has 1250t and 3600t oil presses, 2500t broken machines, 3t-8t electro-hydraulic hammers, 1-4 meter ring grinding machines, 45t discharging machines, as well as various large vertical cars, processing centers, general cars, quenching pools, electric arc furnace heat treatment equipment, which can be used to process various valve parts and components below 36 inches. All parts and components except the whole machine can be processed. We visited the production workshop of Soochow company, and saw that their production was quite busy, Large forgings are being forged on a 3600 ton large oil press. Many newly baked 48 Inch ball valve finished spheres, including forged rough spheres and processed semi-finished spheres, are stacked in the workshop. President Gao said that at present, we have 200 customers at home and abroad, and we normally have business maintenance at home. It is so many customers that Dongwu's business has been in saturated production. When we asked why we can ensure such business prosperity, President Gao told us the truth. The main reason is that Dongwu has formed a complete industrial chain, complete forging equipment, willing to invest in large-scale equipment, and formed a strong forging ability, For users to do a good job in the processing business of large forgings, the large ball valves on the domestic west east gas pipeline are provided by Soochow. At present, the forging equipment and forging capacity are also the largest enterprises in the domestic valve industry, which can not only forge, but also form a strong gold processing capacity. At present, there are more than 40 large-scale vertical lathes, milling, turning and other metal processing, so as to do a good job in the fine turning business of sphere blanks for users, and provide users with pre fine turning processing. Soochow is also a quality oriented company with strict quality assurance system, which also makes its business bigger and bigger. At present, the 100 high plant has been fully operated. Since last year, the gold processing workshop has been under construction, and the gold workshop outside the original lease has been moved to the factory for management. This project is planned to be completed in the first half of the year and put into use in the second half of the year

the picture shows a group photo with Gao Jian

the picture shows a 48 Inch ball forged by Suzhou Dongwu forging and Welding Factory Co., Ltd.

the picture shows a 3600 ton large press of Suzhou Dongwu forging and welding factory ♂

Suzhou Shuangjin Industrial Co., Ltd., which adheres to the principle of special steel materials,

the Secretariat of Jiangsu Valve Association made an investigation on Suzhou Shuangjin Industrial Co., Ltd., No. 478 Songshan Road, high tech Zone, Suzhou. Wu Xiang, general manager of the company's sales, and others received us. He said that in recent years, Shuangjin Industrial Co., Ltd. has provided good services on special materials. Many special materials are high-end and rare, and they dare to develop new special materials and special materials, Therefore, a virtuous circle has developed in recent years

it is understood that Shuangjin company has focused on the production and R & D of precision cast stainless steel, nickel base alloy, alloy steel, die steel, special steel bars, precision seamless tubes, profiles and castings and forgings for more than 20 years. The products are widely used in pump and valve nuclear power, automobiles and ships, medical devices, mechanical molds, aerospace military industry, marine engineering and petrochemical, light rail high-speed rail, special pipe blanks, compressors, turbines and other fields

after years of efforts, Shuangjin company has the production capacity of stainless steel, nickel base alloy, precision alloy and other special steels, with an annual output of

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