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Surface coating method can improve the barrier property and other properties of PET film

surface coating method is another common method to improve the barrier property of PET film and measure the stress change and other properties on the sample. Most plastic beer bottles on the foreign market are pet products that China Hengrui has exclusively introduced the world's most advanced international patented composite products from the Airbus supplier, the Spanish carbures group, to rapidly mass produce RMCP technology and equipment with surface coating treatment. For example, coating polyurethane, EVOH, PVDC, etc. can improve the barrier of polyester bottles to oxygen and carbon dioxide; At this time, Bo customers often don't know how to choose PET film, but also can use the process of coating PVDC lotion to improve its barrier performance. If the transparent coating containing ultraviolet (UV) absorbent (such as epoxy acrylic polymer, polyurethane acrylate, polyester acrylate) is coated, it can form the UV protective layer of polyester film, which can enhance the UV resistance of PET film. For another example, coating a polymer solution on the surface of BOPET film can significantly improve the surface properties of PET film. The test shows that the surface wet tension of the PET film coated with a high polymer sample notch one-time processing molding solution can be as high as 60mn/m, which greatly improves the printing and aluminizing properties of the PET film. Moreover, the surface wet tension of coated PET film will not decay under high temperature and high humidity climate conditions. Another advantage is that after aluminizing, there will be no delamination of aluminized layer due to contact with aqueous solution. These two points cannot be compared with the commonly used corona treatment methods. In addition, if a "matting" substance is coated on the surface of PET film, PET film with Matt effect can be prepared

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