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Investigation ― national power "talk about trading" to dredge the "blood vessel" of new energy

investigation ― national power "talk about trading" to dredge the "blood vessel" of new energy

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"since 2016, the consumption of our wind farms has improved step by step, and the power generation has increased rapidly. In 2018, the power generation exceeded 160million kwh, changing the situation of years of operating difficulties, and the business operation has changed from loss to profit." On February 24, Wang Xiaoming, general manager of Caitang wind farm of SDIC Baiyin Wind Power Co., Ltd., told Pingchuan District, Baiyin City, Gansu Province

market trading is the sharp weapon of new energy consumption in Gansu Province in 2018. In 2018, Guodian further expanded the new energy trading market, improved the inter provincial trading system, innovated trading varieties, actively organized inter provincial trading, continued to expand the scale of cross regional surplus new energy spot trading, and carried out pilot work in six provincial power spot markets. The problem of new energy consumption has been resolved in the "negotiation of transactions" within or between provinces

major new energy provinces have overcome the most difficult period

on China's new energy map, Gansu Province, which is embedded in Northwest China in a "wedge" shape, occupies an important position because of its superior scenery conditions

by the end of December 2018, the total installed capacity of power generation in Gansu Province should not exceed 130000 kW, with the installed capacity of new energy accounting for 41.5%, becoming the largest power source in Gansu Province. In China, the total installed capacity of new energy in Gansu Province ranks fifth. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the annual average growth of wind power installed capacity and power generation in Gansu Province was 51.86%, 43.47%, and the annual average growth of photovoltaic installed capacity and power generation was 213.91%, 263.93%

"in 2014, we didn't limit the load here, and the problem of consumption began to appear after the substantial growth of the installed scale of new energy in 2015. Over the years, Gansu Electric Power has done a lot of work in the consumption of new energy, and the consumption situation has improved year by year, and our power generation has also increased year by year from 2016. In 2018, our wind rejection rate fell to 1.73%, 10.4 percentage points lower than that in 2017." Wang Xiaoming told that the annual power generation of 160million kwh is the profit and loss critical point of caicaitang wind farm, and the actual power generation of the wind farm in 2018 was 164million kwh

it is understood that Gansu Electric power company mainly promotes the consumption of new energy through three channels. The first is the export of electricity, including the medium and long-term export and spot trading across provinces and regions; Second, increase the power consumption in the province, including increasing large users in the province, vigorously implementing the substitution of electric energy through electricity, and "coal to electricity" clean heating; Third, tap the potential of peak shaving in the province, including the deep peak shaving of conventional thermal power plants and the "virtual energy storage mode" of self owned power plants

since the 12th Five Year Plan, a total of 76 billion yuan has been invested in electricity in Gansu, and 750 kV first and second channels and a series of 330 kV transmission projects have been built to meet the needs of new energy project access and transmission, and the problem of electricity "bottleneck" has been greatly eliminated. In particular, in August 2017, the world's first Gansu Jiuquan Hunan UHV DC project (i.e. "Qishao DC") focusing on the transmission of new energy was completed and put into operation, becoming a powerful channel for the export of new energy in Gansu Province. In 2018, Qi Shao DC power transmission was 15.77 billion kwh, accounting for 49.9% of the total power transmission

Yang Chunxiang, deputy director of the planning department of Gansu Power Dispatching and control center, believes that the substantial increase in the delivered electricity is the key to the effectiveness of Gansu's new energy consumption in 2018. In 2016, Gansu Province sent 15.6 billion kwh of electricity, increased to 20.2 billion kwh in 2017, and sharply increased to 32.5 billion kwh in 2018, including 15.5 billion kwh of new energy. "The surplus of more than 1 million kilowatts of new energy power is a lot for Gansu Province, but it is not big for the large plate of national electricity." Yang Chunxiang said

on the basis of the sharp decline in 2017, the wind rejection rate in Gansu Province decreased by 13.8 percentage points, the light rejection rate decreased by 10.47 percentage points, and the new energy power rejection rate decreased by 13.19 percentage points in 2018. The power rejection rate has decreased by more than 1 for two consecutive years. It is particularly important to select the best injection point and balance melt activity by 0%, overfulfilling the task of "double rise and double fall". The proportion of new energy power generation in total power generation increased from 14% in 2014 to 23.73% in 2018; The proportion of clean energy power generation in total power generation increased from 47% in 2014 to 53.99% in 2018

the spot market is a new weapon for the consumption of new energy

take the Qishao DC "special train" from Jiuquan, Gansu Province to Hunan, and then take the transfer of Huazhong power, and finally take the ± 500 kV DC express from the Three Gorges to Guangzhou. In 2018, Gansu Province made a "trip" to Guangzhou with more than 70 million kw of new energy

"in order to alleviate the contradiction between abandoning wind and light in new energy, Gansu Electric Power Company of the people's Republic of China has continued to expand the market, carrying out medium and long-term delivery and spot trading across provinces; tapping the potential in the province, carrying out power generation rights substitution between new energy and self owned power plants, and direct trading between large and incremental users in the province. The market-oriented consumption of new energy has achieved remarkable results. In 2018, the market-oriented consumption proportion reached 59.34%." The Gansu provincial government issued the administrative measures for the identification of Shandong chemical industry parks, said pangwei, director of the planning department of the dispatching control center of the provincial power company, when talking about the new energy market in 2018

Gansu Province, which bears the task of re energy consumption, adheres to the direction of marketization. In 2018, Gansu Province completed 3.336 billion kwh of replacement electricity through the replacement transaction of power generation rights of self owned power plants, and 445million kwh of additional new energy electricity was generated through the replacement of northwest region, short-term real-time and Gansu Xinjiang mutual aid transactions. By carrying out direct transactions within the province, 268million kwh of direct trading electricity of large new energy users and 92million kwh of local consumption trading electricity were completed. In particular, by actively carrying out the cross provincial spot trading of surplus new energy, the trading electricity volume was 3.249 billion kwh, accounting for 46.7% of the total trading volume in China and 12% of the total power generation of new energy in Gansu Province

"In order to better promote the consumption of new energy, Gansu's spot market mechanism is closely designed, combined with the characteristics of large installed capacity and high proportion of Gansu Electric Power new energy, adhere to the direction of market-oriented reform, adhere to promoting the consumption of new energy, accelerate the industrialization technology development and green development concept of high crack arrest thick steel plate, high-strength duplex stainless steel wide thick plate, marine yinwa steel and special high-strength polyurethane insulation materials, and build a spot electric power that meets the characteristics of Gansu." Market. When it is impossible to absorb new energy in the province, it is necessary to organize new energy enterprises to participate in cross regional spot trading, and carry out cross provincial spot trading and balance clearing for new energy limited by peak shaving in the province. " Pangwei, director of the regulation department of Gansu Power Dispatching and control center, said

he further introduced that when choosing the market mode of the spot market in Gansu Province, the full power space formed by the provincial power load and outgoing power was used to optimize the way to increase the space for new energy consumption. "According to the high accuracy of new energy's ultra short-term forecast, we allow new energy to make a secondary quotation according to the ultra short-term forecast in the real-time market, adjust the deviation of the previous forecast, and further promote the consumption of new energy."

as an important province for the consumption of new energy in Northwest China, Henan is the "big buyer" in the spot electricity trading market. In 2018, Henan's spot trading volume was 1.65 billion kwh, accounting for 24% of the country's total spot trading volume, ranking first again after 2017

"We should strengthen communication and coordination with our Northwest brother provinces, timely grasp the situation of the northwest channel and spot organization, make full use of the surplus capacity of the channel to carry out spot trading, and maximize the purchase of abandoned wind and light power in the northwest region. Especially at night, the northwest region has serious abandoned wind and light, so we should strengthen lean real-time regulation and actively participate in intra day spot trading. The concept of spot in Henan is to maximize the use of the channel peak shaving space, Purchase in full the spot new energy electricity, and purchase new energy to the greatest extent. " Zhangshusen, director of the planning department of the dispatching control center of the state Henan Electric Power Company (hereinafter referred to as "state Henan electric power"), said

on the basis of the inter provincial spot market transactions, on December 27, 2018, the pilot work of the spot market in Gansu Province was launched, and the market-oriented mechanism was used to carry out the transfer of power generation rights between new energy and provincial thermal power units, so as to promote the generation of more electricity from new energy, and thermal power units were compensated in the market

"New energy has the characteristics of instability. Spot market trading is specifically aimed at the characteristics of new energy and is established to solve the problems of abandoning wind and light. In the spot market, the cost and quotation of new energy power generation are lower than that of thermal power, so users will actively choose to purchase new energy power to replace thermal power. The power traded in the spot market is an incremental part of the original new energy power generation, which is very valuable to promote the consumption of new energy. In the province At present, the spot market has been in trial operation for two months, and the average daily power generation of new energy has increased by 16.9 million kwh compared with the medium and long term. " Pangwei said

consuming provinces make room for new energy in an all-round way

from Hami, Xinjiang, which lies across the northwest Tianshan Mountains, to Zhengzhou, the hinterland of the Central Plains, there is an UHV DC transmission line with a total length of 2192 kilometers, which passes through six provinces (regions) and stably sends clean energy from the northwest of China to central China. The starting point of Hami Zhengzhou ± 800 kV HVDC project named "Tianzhong DC" of this line is the southern energy base of Hami, Xinjiang. The largest amount of electricity sent to Henan Province in spring and autumn accounts for 17% of the electricity consumption of Henan Province

in 2018, Henan consumed 16.73 billion kwh of new energy outside the province, accounting for 41.3% of the total new energy delivered by Northwest Power and 61.6% of the total new energy delivered by Northwest power to central China

as a major province of new energy consumption, the Henan provincial government has strongly welcomed the introduction of foreign power in recent years, and has given high policy support. Many documents clearly proposed to vigorously absorb clean energy outside the province, and established the energy policy of "energy conservation priority, internal optimization, external multi-element introduction, and innovation leading"

"Tianzhong DC connects Xinjiang and Henan, and Henan has a unique advantage in promoting the consumption of new energy in the northwest because there are enough thermal power units to participate in peak shaving. Henan electric power fully implements the work deployment of the state power to promote the consumption of new energy across provinces and regions, actively integrates into the national new energy consumption pattern, takes the new energy in the northwest as the first choice for Henan electric power supply, and takes various measures to increase the new energy in the northwest by every means Source electricity to alleviate the contradiction of new energy consumption in Northwest China. " Sun Jinquan, deputy chief political engineer of Henan electric power company, told me

according to Ho Junjie, deputy director of Henan Electric Power Dispatching and control center, during the new energy generation in Northwest China, Henan electric power tried its best to reduce the startup of thermal power generator units in the province, so as to ensure the full power acceptance capacity of one line of Tianzhong DC all day. "The load of the central line of the sky is a straight line. We give up the space of the base load to northwest new energy. In the curve of power load fluctuation, we overcome the curve of the local day's anti load characteristics of photovoltaic and wind power. By strengthening the lean management of load forecasting, optimizing the arrangement of unit startup, promoting the implementation of flexible transformation of thermal power units, and making full use of adjustment means such as pumping and storage units and gas units, we can make full use of new energy consumption Space. "

in 2018, Guodian completed a total of 71.3 billion kwh of market trading electricity, an increase of 45% year-on-year, including 6.961 billion kwh of spot trading electricity, an increase of 21% year-on-year. Through market-oriented trading, the blocked "blood vessel" of new energy in Northwest China has been gradually dredged, with fresh green

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