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Requirements for sealing and packaging of air force aviation materials

the main combat platform of air force high-tech weapons and equipment is modern fighter. High tech aviation materials mainly refer to equipment with high-tech characteristics and installed on modern fighter or manufactured and stored for maintenance and repair. Military aviation materials mainly include structural aviation materials, functional aviation materials and use aviation materials

structural types of aviation materials include: aircraft, engine components and parts, and the fuel tank for the next step by the aviation assistant; Functional types of aviation materials include: equipment and accessories of airborne machinery, instruments, oxygen, electrical, electronic, weapons, fire control, reconnaissance, safety and life-saving systems; Application types of aviation materials include: various oil and gas filling equipment before and after flight, aircraft starting power supply, air source equipment, aircraft ground repair and inspection equipment, various special detection vehicles, ground command, communication, navigation equipment, airport maintenance equipment, etc

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the air force aviation material system reserves thousands of aviation materials needed for the maintenance and repair of military aircraft of the whole air force, and there are many equipment. The equipment is high-quality, refined and sophisticated products. There are also many imported aviation equipment and equipment, which have a wide variety, different properties, complex structures and high prices. The basic purpose of sealing and packaging the above aviation materials is to ensure that the aviation materials play their intended functions when they are used in military struggle

the goal of aviation materials sealing and packaging is to adopt a unified, effective and economic method to protect aviation materials. We should ensure that the sealing and packaging of high-tech aviation materials is scientific, safe, applicable and economical on the premise of meeting military needs and ensuring 100% storage, transportation and use reliability, so as to achieve the best overall military and economic benefits

the air force aviation materials system uses ABC classification method, according to the importance of aviation materials, value consumption frequency, repairability, maintainability, structural technicality, etc., respectively, and introduces the utilization of various materials in Great Wall Motor models for statistical analysis, and determines their proportional relationship, in which the value is larger and the technical content is higher, And the more important high-tech aviation materials account for a considerable proportion (the number of items accounts for about 25%, but the value accounts for about 65%) as the focus of its management, including the implementation of high-quality and high-level special sealing packaging item by item (generally level 1, and the quite precise technology is a group of tolerance values specially set up in the U.S. military), reliable and effective storage and supply, To meet the needs of winning high-tech local wars

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