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Bar code printing quality requirements

I. bar code quality control

bar code quality directly affects the use of bar codes. Bar codes that fail to meet the quality requirements can not improve management efficiency, but will cause confusion. In recent years, although the bar code quality has improved to a certain extent, there are also cases of goods being rejected by supermarkets due to poor bar code quality. Therefore, it is very important for manufacturers and sellers to improve the quality of bar codes

bar code printing looks very simple. It has no complex patterns and beautiful and soft colors, so some enterprises think its printing requirements are relatively simple. In fact, it is not. Because the bar space combination of bar code contains specific information and is read by specific reading equipment, there are strict regulations on the bar space size printing accuracy, color matching, printing position, etc. The details are as follows:

1. Bar blank color matching. When matching the blank color, you must ensure that the contrast of the blank color is large enough. The color of the strip can be: dark blue, dark green, dark brown, black, and the color of the empty can be red, orange, yellow, and white, of which black and white are the best. The natural color of metal materials (such as gold, silver) should not be used as the color of the strip or empty

2. printing position: select the placement position of commodity barcode according to different packaging forms, which should meet the scanning requirements of scanning equipment. It should be noted that the bar code must be at least 5mm away from the edge, overlap, wrinkle or corner of the package to avoid the bar code from being worn, covered or deformed with the package, resulting in problems in scanning and reading. For example, for dried tofu produced by an enterprise, the barcode mark on the packaging bag can be read when there is no real object in the bag, but after vacuum packaging, the barcode can not be read because it is wrinkled and deformed due to improper position. Therefore, enterprises should judge the barcode printing position based on the actual sales of goods

3. barcode size: 0% of the standard barcode size according to the size of the outer package of goods and the area allowed to be printed Select the barcode magnification factor within the range of 00 times. (standard bar code refers to the bar code with magnification factor of 1.00, and its size is 37.29*26.26 mm)

4. bar height of bar code: in principle, the height of bar code cannot be shortened. If it must be shortened due to insufficient placement position, consult relevant bar code technicians

5. Left and right blank areas of bar code: when the scanner scans the bar code, there must be a low-level reset signal of a certain width to judge the beginning and end of the scanning bar code. Therefore, the left and right blank areas should be left with enough size according to the four corner marks of the film, otherwise the bar code will be difficult or even unreadable in case of oil leakage under high pressure

6. printing materials: when printing bar code symbols on transparent materials (such as plastic, glass, etc.), you cannot only print the color of the bar, but not the background color (empty color). Otherwise, the scanner cannot collect empty reflection signals and cannot read them. Therefore, to print bar codes on transparent materials, the two clamps must first separate and stretch the preprinted background color of the sample at a fixed speed

II. Bar code quality management requirements

1. Select the outer packaging design unit

it is best to choose the printing enterprise that has obtained the bar code printing qualification recognition and has the design ability as the design unit. If the enterprise designs by itself or entrusts an advertising company to design, it should pay attention to whether anyone in the design unit has participated in the bar code knowledge training organized by the coding center and obtained a certificate

2. the product code must be unique

when users compile a 5-digit (prefix code 690, 691) or 4-digit (prefix code 692, 693) commodity code, they should give different codes according to the differences of the commodity in specification and model, trademark and brand, shape, weight, flavor, smell, price, etc. This is the key to ensure the uniqueness of commodity bar codes and the normal action of scanning stores

3. the original film of bar code should be ordered at the designated place

in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy and magnification factor of bar code, users should order the original film at the bar code film production unit designated by the bar code organization

4. Enterprises that should entrust printing enterprises recognized by coding institutions to print

bar codes should have a high level of printing technology, and must have bar code printing qualification certificates recognized by the coding center or its branches. It is recommended to select the barcode printing qualification recommended in this directory to recognize the printing of enterprises, and include the barcode quality requirements in the printing business contract

5. the test print sample inspection should be carried out before the batch printing of bar code.

before the formal batch printing of bar code, the user or the printing unit will send the print sample (print sample) with bar code mark to the bar code quality inspection institution for technical inspection (the printing factory with bar code inspection ability can also conduct self inspection), and the batch printing can be carried out only after passing the inspection

6. The bar code should be qualified before the product packaging is put into the market.

it is strictly forbidden to print or paste foreign matters such as production date, validity period, price tag, product thermal insulation plastic building materials on the buildings of the United States, Japan and other countries into the bar code; When the packaging needs to be overlapped, the bar code shall not be covered at the joint

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