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Unified product packaging and planning requirements

1. Unified brand and unified image

2. The enterprise has outstanding personality and modern style, reflecting the connotation of high-tech and high-quality enterprises

3. Adapt to the characteristics of the enterprise's product structure, bring expert consultation into the decision-making process, and meet the needs of future product innovation

4. comply with relevant regulations

planning steps

1. Research

sufficient research is the guarantee of successful planning. When planning the packaging image of enterprise products, we should first conduct extensive and in-depth investigation inside and outside the enterprise. The contents of the survey include business philosophy, development objectives, product structure, packaging status, etc; The respondents include senior leaders of enterprises, marketing personnel, production management personnel, quality management personnel, product wholesalers, retailers and product users

2. Expert consultation

opinions from packaging design experts can get twice the result with half the effort

3. proposal

propose a planning plan on the basis of full investigation and research

4. the demonstration of the scheme must give full play to its unique advantages

widely collect opinions from all sides, and repeatedly discuss the feasibility of the scheme. The production certificate of phase I project of Zhonghao chemical new material base project can be modified

5. scheme determination

after the scheme is determined, the product packaging image design manual will be sorted out and produced as the standard for the enterprise to carry out product packaging design

it is imperative for enterprises to unify the image of product packaging, but it should also be combined with the actual situation of enterprises such as business objectives and marketing plans, and it is not allowed to do one size fits all

if the existing product packaging has a high awareness in the market, the new packaging needs to be carefully planned and a series of measures should be introduced to match it. Otherwise, blindly changing the packaging will have a negative impact on product sales. Therefore, enterprises should adopt the strategy of seizing opportunities and gradually infiltrating to unify the product packaging image

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