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Requirements for some packaging types

1. Cartons. It shall be able to bear the total weight of 3 meters or 4 layers of similar packaged goods

2. Wooden box. The thickness and structure shall meet the needs of safe transportation of goods; The wooden box containing valuables, precision instruments and fragile items shall be free of corrosion, moth eaten, cracks and other defects

3. Baskets, bamboo baskets. The compilation shall be tight, neat, firm, continuous and non cutting, and the overall size shall not exceed 50 × fifty × 60 cm is appropriate, and the gross weight of a single piece is not more than 40 kg. The inner goods and cushion materials shall not leak out. It shall be able to bear the total weight of similar goods stacked 3 floors high

4. Iron bucket. The thickness of the iron sheet should correspond to the weight of the goods inside. Small and medium-sized iron drums with a single gross weight and excellent compatibility with engine coolant should be used for this reason A large iron bucket made of 0 mm iron sheet with a single gross weight of kg should be used Made of 5mm iron sheet

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