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The drug bottling line requires

to use bottles to contain drugs, which has the longest history. Because of its good sealing performance, less packaging material consumption, small space and other characteristics, it has many advantages, such as long shelf life of drugs, low packaging and transportation costs, small warehouse occupation and so on. It is widely used and still occupies a dominant position

Hengyi Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. has accumulated some experience in the research and manufacturing of drug packaging equipment over the years, and can perceive these differences, as well as the development trend and trend of packaging equipment in the world today. On how to choose bottled lines and reduce the blindness of pharmaceutical companies in choosing bottled production lines, we talk about some of our understanding and experience, hoping to bring some inspiration to our users

the basic functions and functions of any bottled production line, no matter who produces it or how different its working principle is. They should be composed of the following seven basic functions:

1. Automatic bottle sorting machine: the bottles of various shapes are neatly arranged according to certain rules and automatically transported to the automatic packaging line

2. Automatic blowing bottle washer: blow the specially treated air into the bottle, so that the dust or foreign matter in the bottle can be blown out of the bottle, and it can be recycled by dust collection

3. Automatic tablet counting machine: automatically count tablets or capsules and fill them into bottles according to the requirements of each bottle

4. Automatic corking machine: according to the requirements of the bottling process, the auxiliary materials (desiccant, cotton, shock-absorbing paper) are automatically stuffed into the bottle

5. Automatic capping machine: automatically align the bottle cap with the bottle mouth and tighten it

6. Automatic sealing machine: automatically heat the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth to make the aluminum foil adhere to the bottle mouth to achieve the sealing effect

7. Automatic labeling machine: automatically paste the label on the medicine bottle

the equipment with the above seven functions can meet the needs of general bottled drug packaging. Since each basic function can be realized through a variety of working principles with the upgrading of household property mediation and elimination of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, many types of models can be derived from each basic function equipment. For example, as a basic function, what can be seen in the market at present are: screen type tablet counting machine, crawler type tablet counting machine, multi-channel electronic tablet counting machine, disc type electronic tablet counting machine, etc. If the logarithmic tablet machine is differentiated according to the production capacity, it can be classified as low. In addition, it can also be equipped with ordinary computer speed of 30~40 (bottle/minute), medium speed of 50~70 (bottle/minute) and high speed of 80~120 (bottle/minute). By combining different models with different speeds, 28 different options can be achieved. If you add some personalized differences, there may be hundreds of choices. It can be seen that there are so many choices for only a device with several functions. So, facing the whole bottle line, how do we choose

in order to correctly select the packaging line, the pharmaceutical factory must proceed from reality, calmly and objectively put forward its own needs, and select the products with the highest cost performance and the best service according to its own economic ability. We can choose from the following aspects:

1. Selection of basic functions and speed requirements

the so-called basic function selection refers to what the packaging line required by the pharmaceutical factory needs to accomplish, Some pharmaceutical companies may not need the "bottle washing" and "stuffing" functions among the seven basic functions, so this bottle line only needs to select the bottle management, tablet counting, capping, sealing and labeling machine

the so-called selection of speed requirements refers to the selection of the production capacity of the packaging line (the selection of packaging speed), which should be selected by the pharmaceutical factory according to the actual situation

to measure the production capacity of the bottling line, it is generally expressed in terms of how many bottles are filled per minute, that is, "bottles/minute". It is worth noting how many pills are filled in each bottle? In order to avoid differences in understanding, the index given by domestic pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers at present should refer to the number of bottles of drugs that can be filled by the packaging line per minute with the capacity of 100 pills per bottle. Therefore, "bottle/minute" is actually an equivalent unit. Users must understand this problem when purchasing equipment to avoid misleading

there are also some electronic tablet counting machines that express their production capacity in terms of how many tablets are filled per minute. Users should calculate the number of bottles per minute according to their filling volume per bottle, and then determine the speed of the whole packaging line

the speed selection of the bottling line should first select the tablet counting machine, because in addition to the academic research promoted by the government, the capacity of the tablet counting machine is related to both the drug dosage form and the bottle filling capacity. For example, it is required to choose a tablet counting machine with 60 bottles/minute. Users can see from the table below that different dosage forms, different bottle loading quantities, and different drug sizes have different choices. For a certain drug, if there are more than two optional models, it depends on the price of each model and the user's personality preferences

tablet counting machine application table

dosage form 0 # – 4 # capsule 8mm coated tablets 8mm coated tablets 6 ~ 15mm plain tablets 3 ~ 6mm pills per bottle (tablets) sieving pppppppppppppppppp crawler pppppppppppp multi-channel counting pppoooo disc counting popopooo

note: P is suitable for selection, O is not suitable for selection

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