Requirements for safety technical measures of the

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Requirements for safety technical measures of stamping die

1) the die structure should ensure convenient operation, safety and reliability, and the operator can successfully complete the stamping work without extending his hand, arm and head into the dangerous area

2) convenient and safe commissioning, installation, repair, handling and storage. It will not cause accidents due to mold structure problems

3) the mold parts should have sufficient strength, the material selection should be reasonable, the mold should avoid external convex concave irrelevant to the function, the external should be chamfered, the guide post and guide sleeve should be far away from the operator, the mold pressure center should pass through or close to the mold and will continue to lead the global market demand, handle center line, guidance, positioning and other important parts. At present, the plastic processing industry has changed from high-speed growth to medium speed and stable growth, so the operation can be seen clearly

all parts of the fastener shall not be broken about the loading and unloading of the sample: the sample clamping is bad

4) when designing the mold, the location of the installation of mechanized devices should be considered, so that mechanized and automatic devices can replace manual operations when necessary

5) the structure of ejector, ejector and discharge plate must be reliable

6) do not make the operator feel unsafe

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