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Hydraulic support and electro-hydraulic control requirements

intermediate support: zy9200/27/58d, 124 (with 1 set of top beam turnover assembly and 1 set of assembly platform)

transition bracket: zyg9200/25/52d, 6

manual end bracket: zt20000/18/35 (manufactured by Shenyang Tian'an) 2

advanced support: zql2*4000/18/35 (made in Shenyang Tian'an introduced a new amine free volatile polyurethane foam solution for vehicles at the meeting: Dow specflex active additive polyether)

2 sets (1 set for air lane and 1 set for machine Lane)

3. Technical parameters and requirements

1. The support adopts protective all top beams with built-in expansion beam layout and secondary protective board. The expansion beam is required to adopt high-strength board design, with the strength as high as possible, and the protective board can be overturned and leveled (all accessories of the top beam should be the same as the 20/42d support)

2. The support is a movable side guard on both sides. When using, one side is firm. The firm side adopts a firm layout with the side guard extending 100mm, and the other side extends to adjust the gap between frames

3. The height of the side guard plate of the top beam is different from that of the top beam. The thickness of the top and cover side guard plates is 25mm. Q690 high-strength plates are adopted and reinforced. The radial thickness of the connecting seat of the side guard plate is 40mm

4. The support base adopts the split layout of all rigid middle full open gears, and all long push rods are installed upside down to push the jack mechanism, and the bottom lifting mechanism and adjustable base assembly are set

5. Adopt q890 data for the push rod, increase the strength of the connecting ear, and appropriately increase the gap between both sides

6. The support connecting rod adopts the front double rear double situation, and dead side plates are set on both sides of the rear connecting rod

7. The bracket is reserved with a device position for anti falling and anti-skid assembly

8. The support adopts the design of double pedestrian passage, the first pedestrian passage of the column is ≥ 500mm, the front and back of the base are equipped with transportation holes, and two holes are reserved at the tail φ 26mm fixed hole with flatbed truck

9. Double spray shall be built at the front of each aircraft to remove dust and debris, and active spray and debris shall be adopted by lowering the aircraft, pushing and sliding, and pulling the aircraft

10. The diameter of all rubber hose clamps on the layout is φ 16mm, right angle is φ 25mm。

11. The two ears at the bottom of the column cylinder are solid and round, and the cylinder block is equipped with lifting rings. The inlet liquid is discussed as DN20, the return liquid is discussed as dn12, and the Enron valve and the rising column iron pipe are protected

12. The guide sleeve of upright post, side push, side guard and telescopic jack is in rib pattern, and the guide sleeve of other jacks is in three half ring pattern

13. The two interfaces of the push jack are DN20. The cylinder body of the equalizing jack is equipped with lifting rings, and the liquid pipe of the pushing and slicing jack is shielded

14. After the collapse of the support into the well, the maximum length of a single piece ≤ 4500mm, the maximum width ≤ 1600mm, the maximum height ≤ 1500mm, and the maximum weight of a single piece ≤ 12.5 t

15、 φ For large pin shafts above 80mm, 12mm thick baffles shall be used where baffles are used to secure them. D-pins shall be used for all positions where d-pins can be used to secure pin shafts. The diameter of the drilled hole on the pin shaft is one size larger than that of d-pins, the diameter of the shaft cap shall be increased and thickened, and all bolts shall be constructed with anti loose assembly

16. The crosshead is connected with the support as a single ear, and connected with the conveyor as a double ear. Forgings are adopted

17. Material requirements: the proportion of layout Q690 is about 80%, and Q550 accounts for about 15%

18. The unloading positioning connection method of the bracket is the same as that of 20/42d

(III). Transition support of fully mechanized mining task face

1. Support type: zyg9200/25/52d protective hydraulic support; Hinged top beam layout with built-in telescopic beam and primary protective board. The base is set with the anti-skid connection position of the three base frames of the machine head, other same base frames

, the primary technical parameters

adapt to the inclination angle: ≤ 35

support height (mm):2500 ~ 5200

support width (mm): ≤ 1600 ~ 1880

additional task resistance (KN):9200 (p=40.6mpa)

initial support force (KN):7140 (p=31.5mpa)

uniform support strength (MPA):0.88 MPa

specific pressure to base plate (MPA): uniform 2.35 MPa

spacing between supports (mm):1750

displacement (mm):900

pump station pressure: 31.5 MPa

control method: electrohydraulic control


weight: about 42 tons

3 Specification of column and Jack

the extension and retraction size of equalizing cylinder is the same as that of root base frame

number of front beam cylinders: 2

inner diameter of cylinder (mm): φ 230

outer diameter of oil cylinder (mm): φ 273

piston rod diameter (mm): φ 160

other same root base frame

(IV). Hydraulic fragmentary requirements:

1. Main control valve (16 functions and 17 interfaces): outlet flow ≥ 400l/min, inlet φ 25mm, liquid return port φ 32mm。 The electrohydraulic main control solenoid valve group of all integrated blocks consists of 8 groups of "double solenoid pilot valves", Complete the functions of the following measures:

function 1/2: column lifting/lowering task exit: 3- DN20

function 3/4: frame moving/sliding task exit: 2- DN20

function 5/6: equalizing jack extension/retraction task exit: 2- dn10

function 7/8: first level protective jack extension/retraction task exit: 2- dn10

function 9/10: second level protective jack extension/retraction task exit: 2- dn10

function 11/12: first level protective jack extension/retraction task exit telescopic beam Jack extension/retraction task outlet: 2- dn10

function 13/14: front guard jack extension

/front and rear guard Jack retraction task outlet: 2- dn10

function 15/16: rear guard jack extension/bottom extension task outlet: 2- dn10

main inlet: p=dn25; Main return liquid: r=dn32

note: the interface of column and push valve is DN20, and other interfaces are dn10. During factory acceptance, manual control is adopted for adjusting the base Jack and anti slip, and the upper cavity of the base Jack and the liquid inlet are in the normal condition)

2. Auxiliary valve: domestic, all stainless steel products are adopted

1) column check valve flow ≥ fdy500l/min. (DN20 pipe connection)

2) column Enron valve flow fad1000l/min +fad500l/min (DN25)

3) balance the flow of the top safety valve fad250l/min (dn13)

4) other Enron valves fad200l/min (dn16)

5) the filter adopts plate type, which can be scoured backward, ljqx (25 μ m) 900l interface DN25

6) the interface of return circuit breaker valve is DN32

7) the balanced top two-way lock plate connection is changed to pipe connection

3. A distributor shall be adopted for the three-way connection of liquid inlet, return and water inlet between racks (the interface shall not be welded)

4. The layout of drilling holes after turning grooves shall not be adopted for the discussion of various valves and pipes

5. The seals of columns and jacks adopt international cutting parts of export data:

6. Two wireless digital pressure gauges are built for each frame, and the construction and operation are reliable and stable in columns and balanced top and bottom cavities, with a measuring range of 60MPa

7. All cylinders of columns and jacks are plated with copper and tin alloy. The piston rod is roughly chrome plated because of the convenient shape of rubber material (the piston head must be plated)

8. Anti falling and anti-skid Construction: set the device position of anti falling and anti-skid assembly on the top beam and base of each group of supports. The transition support is equipped with anti-skid assembly at the tail, anti-skid assembly at the base and anti Overturning Assembly at the top beam. The root base frame is anti falling and anti-skid, and 1 set is equipped for every 10 frames. One set is equipped for every 10 transporters to prevent them from slipping. Specifications of ring chain φ 2692mm, anti slip at the tail, anti slide pipeline of the conveyor, with one-way lock, Enron valve and other accessories

9. Pipeline fragmentary: adopt B (DN) series. The liquid inlet between frames is dn50s, the liquid return between frames is DN50, and the water inlet between frames is DN25. 20 dn65s liquid inlet pipelines, 20 dn75 liquid return pipelines, 20 DN50 water inlet pipelines and connecting accessories will be built along the channel. The length of each pipeline is 15 meters, and all accessories of double inlet and double return parts (same as 20/42d)

10. The manual control valve group is bzf400 type, (three pieces in a group) adopts a dn13 interface liquid distribution plate, and the valve group is placed vertically. All valves, liquid distribution plates and dispatchers, as well as all kinds of tees, middle straight discussion, bending discussion, column and Jack discussion seats, are all stainless steel products (all discussions are equipped with O-rings and retaining rings)

11. When the column rises and the bottom lifting jack retracts, the hydraulic control check valve and Enron valve are added to the lower chamber of the bottom lifting jack, and the hydraulic control check valve and Enron valve are added to the piston rod chamber of the pushing jack

12. All hydraulic cylinder bores are plated with copper tin alloy, and all piston rods are plated with chromium

13. Build dust-proof spray parts (the nozzle is made of stainless steel produced by Ji'an, with an enlarged aperture, which is the same as the 19/40 reform), push and slide, move the rack, and lower the column active spray 8. The lead screw and transmission part of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine should be regularly coated with lubricating oil, and the spray assembly should be placed on both sides of the guard board

14. Change the high-pressure rubber hose used to push the jack into four layers of steel wire 50MPa

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